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Thor - Trailer Thor

Thor Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Col...

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Thor: Trailer: Thor 3D

Thor: Sinopsis, Ficha, Data, Critica, Trailer: Thor 3Dhttp://elbazardelespe...

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Thor VO - Little Thor

Bande-annonce de Thor de Kenneth Branagh avec Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Port...

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Thor #4 Review/Recap. Thor VS Thor!

Marvel Comic Books presents Thor issue 4. The new lady Thor goes toe to toe...

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Everytime after watching a movie it really get me inspired to work on some RnD. so does this one right after I watched Thor: Ragnarok. Did the whole thing in M...

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Thor Ragnarok Reel

Some of the work I contributed to on Marvel's Thor 3: Ragnarok. **Responsible for Keyframe Character Animation, based of acting reference filmed by Director T...

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Thor SFX

Some visual effect work I did for the movie Thor at BUF Cie....

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LeCollagiste - Thor A

Thor A Loop - LeCollagiste 2010

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Done for the November Anim Challenge Still needs some more tweaking, might update it when i get some time. Assets Background- Shaun Keenan

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