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INK Master

Season 15’s Worst Tattoos 😬 Ink Master

A look back at the tattoos of Ink Master Season 15 that sent artists packing. #InkMaster #ParamountPlus Paramount+ is here!

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Best of Ink Master: Redemption 🤯 SUPER COMPILATION

From cover-ups to artists who refused to do new tattoos, here's a look at some unforgettable moments from Ink Master: ...

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Season 15’s Best Tattoos 🏆 Ink Master

Ink Master Season 15 just crowned its winner, so it's time to take a look back at the best tattoos throughout the season. #InkMaster ...

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Ink Master Blind Critiques 🧐 SUPER COMPILATION

A look back at every blind critique on Ink Master Seasons 1-13. #InkMaster #ParamountPlus Paramount+ is here! Stream all your ...

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Difficult Placement Tattoos That Went Surprisingly Well | Ink Master

From armpits to heads, these Ink Master canvases asked for tattoos in difficult places and their artists delivered great tattoos.

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Ink Master S11E13

Ink Master S11E13...

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Ink Master S11E10

Ink Master S11E10...

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Ink Master S05 Special Merry Ink

Ink Master S05 Special Merry Ink...

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Ink Master S11E11

Ink Master S11E11...

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Ink Master S11E14

Ink Master S11E14...

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Ink Master: Return of the Masters

Trailer for Spikes' INK MASTER. My roles: Compositing, Animation and 3D. Directors: Richard Payne Dipankar Sengupta Producer: Casper Franken Executive Produ...

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Ink Master: Revenge

Ink Master returns with Season 7. This time its all about Revenge. The in-house design team at Spike, led creatively on this project by Eric Jones and Michael ...

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Ink Master_ Return of the Masters

Trailer for Spikes' INK MASTER season 10. I worked as a co-director for this project. Winner at Promax BDA North America : GOLD - best on-air illustration SIL...

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Ink Master: Shop Wars Leader

TV channel Spike approached us to help them develop the visual identity for their reality tv show Ink Master. In this third season the shows theme is Shop Wars,...

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Design and Directed at Shotopop Illustration by Adam Relf SFX and Music by Soundsmiths...

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