Au Hasard!
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This big fountain packs a wallop and will make your spirits soar like an eagle! It’s loaded with the 3 C’s – Chrysanthemums, Color, and Crackle. Light up the neighborhood with this big bird! Avg. Duration: 120 Seconds / 500 Gram Fountain Size: 7 H x 16-5/16 W x 9-5/8 D Effects: 1. Silver Chrysanthemums with Red Sparks & Gold Crackling Chrysanthemums 2. Red Spring with Silver Pop Chrysanthemums & Red Sparks 3. Green Spring with Gold Chrysanthemums and Green Sparks 4. White Glittering Sparks & Red Sparks with Gold Rain & Blue Sparks 5. Purple Spring with Titanium Crackles, Red Sparks & Blue Sparks Visit for more!