Au Hasard!
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Dave Bachinsky held a contest to go along with his pro debut video part. This contest was anything but a contest, it was skating at it’s rawest form while still being an event. No permits were pulled, it was at a local spot that Bachinsky and friends grew up skating in Lawrence, MA. The spot is called the 5 block for obvious reasons, it is a public park with stadium style steps or benches however you look at it. It is meant for seating for entertaining. When we showed up there was a scheduled Christian event going on and they were trying to convert us all. The Bachinsky 5 Block Huck Jam was put on and funded by Oakley, City Skateboards, EasternBoarder, and Hubba. They put up money and with megaphone in hand announced what tricks would earn what amount of cash at their call. The frenzy began, Chandy took the first $100 bucks by snaking easily six guys landing a kickflip and from there it was on. The whirlwind continued with nollies, fakie ollies, switch ollies, 360 shoves, fingerflips, backside kick flips, 360 ollies and on and on. It was awesome! Shot gunning beers and heckling from the crowd was contant . The money ran out when a big flip was landed and time ran out when the threat of cops was right around the corner. Everybody eventually made their way to Eastern Boarder Nashua NH for the actual City video premiere,What the F**K is a Bachinsky?! Some technical difficulties got the crowd rowdy and then it finally started and it was sooo good! Do not take my word, support Dave and City team and buy a deck, get the video and you will understand why New England loves Dave Bachinsky!