Au Hasard!
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'Tie Dye' is the continuation of a series of idents for the Converse campaign, 'Colors', that we co-directed with Physalia. Together we developed machines that bring color to the sneakers in a quite unorthodox way. We want to give special thanks to the whole team who took part in the project for their extra effort and for being so great. CREDITS Client: Converse Agency: Anomaly Production Co.: Blacklist Executive Producer: Adina Sales Producer: Erik Gullstrand Direction: Dvein & Physalia Machines design and construction: Physalia Assistant Director: Rubén Goldfarb Cinematographer: Miquel Prohens Phantom Operator: Sergi Iracheta Camera Assistant: Helga Otero Gaffers: Iván Rubio, Iván Romero Art Direction: Laia Ateca Art Direction Assistants: Sandra Marín, Paola González Head of Production: Marga Sardà Producer at Dvein: Anna Carretero Producer at Physalia: Belén Palos Production Assistant: Maria Vives Editor: María Antón Postproduction: Lanczos ( Music & Sound Design: Banjo Music